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The table below lists our lead sheets that are available for purchase and download. These lead sheets are professionally created and arranged by Pamela Rentzel.

Level 1 – Simplified chords and easy fills to take your playing skills up to another level.
Level 2 – More advanced chords and fills to kick it on up!

They are available to download in the most common keys. However, if you find that you need a song in a special key not listed, click on the "Custom LS" button above. If you would like to view a sample of the quality of these lead sheets, you can click on these links below.

Note: Some leadsheets may contain additional information referenced in instructional videos and legacy products. These leadsheets are complete and fully useable without these products.

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Past DB connect
Action Title Composer Key Level Price
A Happy Birthday to You 1.25
All In Him 1.25
Amazing Grace 1.25
America 1.25
America the Beautiful 1.25
Angels We Have Heard on High 1.25
Are You Washed in the Blood 1.25
Ask the Savior to Help You 1.25
At Calvary 1.25
At the Cross 1.25
Away in the Manger 1.25
Baptized into the Body 1.25
Battle Hymn of the Republic 1.25
Bless That Wonderful Name 1.25
Blessed Be the Name 1.25
Bring All Your Needs to the Altar 1.25
Buried in the Name of the Lord 1.25
By and By 1.25
Christ Arose 1.25
Cleanse Me 1.25
Come and Dine 1.25
Come Unto Me 1.25
Coming as a Thief in the Night 1.25
Deeper Deeper 1.25
Did You Come to Give the Lord the Praise 1.25
Draw Me Nearer 1.25
Every Need Supplied 1.25
Get Your Mind on Jesus 1.25
Glad Day When Jesus Comes 1.25
Glory and Honor to Jesus 1.25
Glory Hallelujah Since I Lay My 1.25
Glory to His Name 1.25
God Bless America 1.25
God is God 1.25
God is Good 1.25
God is Great and Greatly 1.25
Gods Got an Army 1.25
Gods Grace 1.25
Gods Not Dead 1.25
Great is Thy Faithfulness 1.25
Hallelujah 1.25
Hallelujah Side 1.25
Hark The Herald Angels 1.25
Have Faith in God 1.25
Have Thine Own Way Lord 1.25
He Brought Me Out 1.25
He Gives Strength to Me 1.25
He Hideth My Soul 1.25
He is Lord 1.25
He Is My Everything 1.25
He Wrote My Name 1.25
Heavenly Faither I Appreciate You 1.25
Heavens Jubilee 1.25
Here I Am Lord 1.25
Hes Already Provided 1.25
Hes Done So Much for Me 1.25
Hes My Rock My Sword 1.25
I Am Blessed 1.25
I Have Decided to Follow 1.25
I Know It Was the Blood 1.25
I Love Him Because He First Loved 1.25
I Must Be Saved 1.25
I Need Thee 1.25
I See a Crimson Stream 1.25
I Shall Not Be Moved 1.25
I Surrender All 1.25
I Was Glad When They Said 1.25
I Will Praise Him 1.25
Ill Fly Away 1.25
In the Garden 1.25
In the Name of Jesus 1.25
In the Name of Jesus We Have the Victory 1.25
Is Thy Heart Right With God 1.25
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear 1.25
It is No Secret 1.25
Its Like Fire 1.25
Its Real 1.25
Its the Holy Ghost and Fire 1.25
Ive Anchored in Jesus 1.25
Ive Been Redeemed 1.25
Ive Got the Holy Ghost 1.25
Jesus Ill Never Forget 1.25
Jesus Is Here Right Now 1.25
Jesus is the Sweetest Name 1.25
Jesus Lifted Me 1.25
Jesus Loves Me 1.25
Jesus on the Mainline 1.25
Jingle Bells 1.25
Joy to the World 1.25
Joy Unspeakable 1.25
Just a Closer Walk 1.25
Just As I Am 1.25
Just Over in the Glory Land 1.25
Just Want to Tell You Im Thankful 1.25
Kneel at the Cross 1.25
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms 1.25
Leave it There 1.25
Let Me Walk With You Jesus 1.25
Look to the Lamb of God 1.25
Lord Im Coming Home 1.25
Lord Prepare Me 1.25
Lord Send a Revival 1.25
Love Lifted Me 1.25
Make Me What I Ought to Be 1.25
Mine Mine Mine 1.25
Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone 1.25
My God is Real 1.25
Near the Cross 1.25
Nothing but the Blood 1.25
O Come All Ye Faithful 1.25
O How I Love Jesus 1.25
O Little Town of Bethlehem 1.25
Oh I Want to See Him 1.25
Old Time Power 1.25
Old Time Religion 1.25
Pass Me Not 1.25
Peace Wonderful Peace 1.25
Precious Lord Take My Hand 1.25
Reach Out and Touch the Lord 1.25
Real Medley 1.25
Silent Night 1.25
Silver Bells 1.25
Since Jesus Came Into My Heart 1.25
Softly and Tenderly 1.25
StarSpangled Banner 1.25
Sweet Hour of Prayer 1.25
Thank God for the Blood 1.25
The First Noel 1.25
The Lords Been Good 1.25
The Love of God 1.25
The Old Rugged Cross 1.25
The Solid Rock 1.25
There is No Telling 1.25
There is Power in the Blood 1.25
Theres Room at the Cross 1.25
Tis So Sweet 1.25
To Be Like Jesus 1.25
To You O Lord We Give Our Praise 1.25
Victory in Jesus 1.25
Victory is Mine 1.25
Victory Shall Be Mine 1.25
We Glorify You 1.25
We Shall See the King 1.25
We Three Kings 1.25
We Wish You a Merry Christmas 1.25
Weve Come to Praise Him 1.25
What a Friend 1.25
What Child is This 1.25
When I Reach That City 1.25
When I See the Blood 1.25
When We All Get to Heaven 1.25
Without Him I Could Do Nothing 1.25
Wonderful Jesus is to Me 1.25
Wont We Have a Time 1.25
Yes Lord 1.25
Yes to my Lord 1.25
Youre Gonna Make It 1.25

   More About Us!

It is hard to believe that it has been over 20 years (1999) since we put up our first Pentecostal Musicians web site. So many things have changed since then. Recently, my husband Mark, decided that our web site needed a refresh. He built this new site from scratch and wanted to give it a more modern look and feel. Because most things are now digital and there is little need to ship physical items any longer, Mark included purchasing digital downloads of our products into the web site. Hopefully, you will find the site easy to navigate and find media which will help you to become more accomplished in playing music that lifts and exalts our Lord Jesus Christ. Since this is a new site, please let us know if you run across any glitches or problems.

As for myself. . . I can honestly tell you that I have no memories of a time when I couldn’t just sit down at the piano and play a song! We had a player piano in our home and apparently, I was totally fascinated and loved to watch as the piano magically played the rolls. I guess I told my parents one day, “I can do that!” Sure enough, I showed them that I could. My Mom said it wasn’t just the single notes of a song that a child would play but triads and fills. I was age 3 when I started to play. As I got older, I wanted to “understand” what I was playing so I could communicate with other musicians. I began learning more music theory in order to be able to share with those who played by ear and those who were classically trained. I’m proud (in a Godly way) to say that I have students who are now in pastoral ministry, in missions or head up music departments in churches and Bible Colleges.

My husband and I have been retired now for a few years and have been thankful for every moment—except maybe for the getting older part. We still plan to create more content and make it available as we “have time.” So stop by every now and then and check out what we have new.

God Bless!

   Learn More About What We Offer

We have created professional lead sheets in two different ability levels. Each song builds upon—but moves beyond just the three or four basic chord changes in a song. Each song is provided in PDF format and will display and print a high-quality lead sheet containing the melody line and chords in a staffed format.

Our video tutorials will teach you how to use lead sheets and play worship choruses and songs from the hymnal with a Pentecostal (Gospel) feel.

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells us the parable of the talents. Remember one man was given five talents, one man two talents, and one man one talent. The men who were given the five and two talents invested their talents and doubled them. Sadly, the man with the one talent allowed fear to stop him and he "buried" his talent. As a result, the man who buried his talent came to an unpleasant end and the one talent he had was then given to the man with the ten talents.

No matter how large or small your musical "talent" is at the present time, let us help you invest and grow it to be used for the glory of the Lord!

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